Creators Showcase – June Edition

Creators Showcase – June Edition

Greetings and Salutations Adventurers!


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June 11th, 2020 – We hope you are well and taking the time now and again to look after your health and wellbeing!

Welcome to another edition of our Creators Showcase, where every month we recommend some of our favourite artists and content creators from the D&D and table-top RPG community. We began this series to show support to creators who might be struggling recently due to recent world events and give you lovely readers the chance to follow more awesome creators in the D&D community.

In this series, we share a list of artists, YouTubers, Cosplayers, TikTokers, Twitch Streamers and any other forms of D&D themed content creators from the online community. As we mentioned in the previous Creators Showcase, don’t worry if you don’t have to funds to buy prints, commissions or to subscribe to a creator’s Twitch or Patreon. We know things are difficult for everyone right but by following a creator’s page and liking and sharing their content is plenty enough to show your support.

In this blog, we are going to share some of our favourite creators who we have been enjoying recently and remember if you are an artist, cosplayer or online creator in the D&D community and would like to take part in the next Creator’s Showcase or want us to shout out your favourite D&D creators, feel free to send us a message through our Facebook or Twitter page and we’ll feature you in the next edition! 





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Putting the brew back into "Irish idiots play a Homebrew'd Dungeons and Dragons campaign". Homebrew is an Irish created D&D series where a bunch of nerdy Irish idiots play Dungeons and Dragons based off Irish folklore and the brews, they drink each week.

Starring Gavin Carberry as Rian the Halfling Rogue, Wez Evans as Arlington the Bugbear Barbarian, Kelan Flynn as Huck the Halfling Sorcerer, Lucy Nuzum as Iggy the Half-elf Bard and Ben Clifford the powerful Dungeon Master. Homebrew is set in the Realm of Hibernia, a world where anything is possible but not necessarily probable.


Homebrew Cast

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Each session the adventurers avoid the crushing dullness of everyday life by telling an improvised, collaborative story through their two favourite forms of escapism: Alcohol and tabletop roleplaying!



New episodes are released every second Tuesday and you can watch their live streams on Twitch and find the latest VOD’s on YouTube.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest announcements and sneak peek behind the scenes.




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The multitalented Gabe Hicks is an independent game designer, writer, voice actor, cosplayer, DM, and streamer from Pennsylvania. He frequently streams on Twitch where he plays RPG games, discusses D&D and Pathfinder and shares his game design knowledge with tips on world-building and TTRPG creation.


Hidden Treasures

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Gabe is the founder of Mythic Grove where he and his team focus on TTRPG narrative design and storytelling and they are currently working on a Goblin Dating Sim, called Hidden Treasures! Hidden Treasures is a dating simulator and visual novel that draws inspiration from Tabletop Role-Playing Games. You play as the main character in your own adventure, meeting characters and making choices that guide your story. You can download a demo of the dating sim on and follow updates on the game on Twitter and Patreon.




You can catch more of Gabe’s work over on Twitter where he shares his cosplays, random ideas, TTRPG thoughts, and voice-over work. He is also on Instagram where he posts more of his cosplay work and pictures of his cute doggo.


MJ Erickson

Critical Role

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MJ Erickson is an illustrator, colourist and merch designer who splits her time between Colorado and Chicago. She has a passion for art, comics, stories and games where she's driven to improve LGBTQA+ representation in media and support stories featuring diverse characters and inspiring, interesting women.



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You can find MJ on Twitter and Instagram where she shares her professional work, comics, D&D OCs and fanart from anime, video games and series such as Critical Role. She also has an online store where she is selling prints and some awesome D&D themed enamel pins.


Image Source: MJ Erickson - Twitter


Rerenga Cosplay


Beau Cosplay

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Ren, also known as Rerenga is a cosplayer and creator from Germany. They have cosplayed popular characters from series such as The Adventure Zone, Critical Role and The Witcher.


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See more of Ren's amazing cosplay on Twitter and Instagram, they are also an aspiring artist where they share artwork of their D&D OCs on their Instagram art page.




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Johanna Taylor is an illustrator, concept artist, and comic artist based in Utah. She loves to create stories with quirky characters getting into even quirkier situations. Johanna creates amazing artwork inspired by video games, anime and from the world of D&D.


Image Source: The Art of Johannamation


You can check out more of Johanna's work on her websiteTwitter, Instagram and Facebook.





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OneShotQuesters creates wholesome video content and hilarious TikTok skits based on D&D scenarios and characters. They also have a Twitch channel where they share tips and advice on TTRPG games and character creation and play one-shot games where each session features a new story, new players and 3D Visual battle's, and YOU can join in on an adventure.



Check out OneShotQuesters on TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


Until next time adventurers! Stay safe and look after yourselves!


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