Christmas 2020 F&Q

Please check the below FAQ for answers to your questions.  Alternatively we will respond to your email the week of Jan 11th.

  • Where is my package? 

Postal services around the world have seen unprecedented volume of packages this holiday period and as such are severely behind in many cases.  If you ordered before the Christmas cut-off dates and you still haven't seen your package, please do not panic. It could still be delivered in the New Year.  We can only caution patience at this time as unfortunately it is completely out of our hands.


  • I cannot track my package?

If you did not pay for Standard TRACKED shipping, then you likely did not receive a trackable number. Please check your shipping confirmation email for further details.


  • Do you sell to X country? 

I ship globally! :)  So no matter where you are, I can send you dice.  Please check the link above to see if your country currently has international mail stoppages though.


  • Do you sell loose dice or X product? 

I am currently only selling 7 dice sets for use in DND.  I do not sell loose dice though I might look at doing that in the future.  I do have plans to sell sets for Vampire and other White Wolf systems in the future.


  • Do you want to advertise/donate products? 

Please send me whatever information you feel is relevant to your query and I will come back to you if I am interested in engaging with you.

  • I have a problem/defect with my order. 

I'm very sorry if you're experiencing a problem or defective product :(.  Please email me pictures of the product/defect, packaging, and any other details you feel are relevant to I will come back to you ASAP when we return on Jan 11th.