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Great product

Better than advertised and arrived quickly! Great go to for when my players go somewhere I wasn't expecting.

Could be cool if you offered some kind of sleeve for storage even for an additional cost

Incredible Service

Ordered a few minis from this service and its been incredible. There was a problem with one of my minis during printing and they were very kind to send the misaligned prints with the correct mini. Overall would recommend and will be continuing to use this service in the future

Excellent quality, arrived quickly

Dragon Locket
Karl G.
Perfect gift

Bought as a Christmas gift but look perfect and sure the person will love it


Honestly came here for the tiny dice.
What I got was a weighty locket that pops open at the push of a button, allowing this to double as a pocket watch stand in for the most distinguished of outfits. Haven't stress tested the locket yet, but I imagine it will hold up well, and I can't wait to see how my luck runs with the dice I need a microscope to read.

Great customer service, fast delivery and the dice are amazing!

Très bon produit

Simple et facile à mettre en place.

Double-sided tiles are super easy to use

Bought them without realising the tiles are reversible for blank and or decorated sides, was a nice surprise.

I really like how they are double sided for more customisation as well.

They came very fast and I love how they look, these will be perfect for my party's DND games! I like how thin they are as they are more portable than other tiles, while still being sturdy.

Stunning map tiles!

Great product quick delivery will purchase from again

Quality is excellent and everything is as stated in the description.

These tiles are the perfect size and work so well when playing D&D and really give it that extra atmosphere.

High quality & beautiful customizable maps

Might get more because these are so cool!

Great quality print outs!

Arrived more quickly than expected too!

Awesome Tiles

These tiles arrived quickly, they are great quality and look amazing. I can’t wait to run some games with them

great looking locket

I really like the locket and the little dice in them are convenient, maybe slightly too small but very nice to have.
I thought it was a bit to noisy due to the rattling of the dice so I added foam inside.

Obsidian Gold
Aaron Y.
Got these for my partner

She was so happy with them! So fancy, she said

Lucky #7 d20 Locket
Samantha O.
details lovely

nice dice and dragon motifes. nice cute dice too

Dragon Locket
Samantha O.
Details are the key

these are really lovely, solid pieces and the dice are so cute.

Cloud Stronghold
Michael T.
Cloud Stronghold review

Amazing dice and good price

Speedy delivery time they were delivered after a day! Just absolutely beautiful!

The perfect locket

This locket is amazing it's beautiful material and the dice inside are lovely they are small so roll with caution when you are using them. Over all lovely dice and locket I love it

Beautiful Dice

It’s my first dice set purchase. I wasn’t expecting a lot but after receiving them. I was blown away by how detailed and beautieach piece are. The picture’s don’t do them enough justice.

Fast delivery and very affordable, well crafted dice

Very fun campaign

Few errors in the little book i think. The villagers in the inn have 4 (4d6) hit points, surely that 4 is an error. Also the main npc has a passive perception of 17 a few lines under it, it says passive perception 16.

Hi Pieter - thanks for that feedback and taking the time to leave a review! While working on the German translation, we found loads of little errors like this in the English version that I am in the process of correcting :D But that is one we actually missed, so thanks for that! *makes notes*