What is a 'Session 0' and why is it important?

Session 0 shenanigans

A 'Session 0' is a pre-game meeting between the players and the DM to discuss expectations, rules, character creation, and the general tone and theme of the campaign. The purpose of a Session 0 is to establish a shared understanding among the group about what they want from the game, set boundaries, and to address any potential issues or concerns before the actual gameplay begins.

During a Session 0, the DM might discuss their house rules or any additional rules they want to implement for the campaign. The players can discuss what type of characters they want to play, what their backstory might be, and how they see their character fitting into the larger story. The group might also establish what type of game they want to play, whether it be focused on combat, exploration, or roleplaying.

Additionally, a Session 0 is a great way for the DM to get a sense of what the players want from the game and to tailor the campaign to fit their needs and preferences. It can also be an opportunity for players to get to know each other and establish rapport before the game begins.

The importance of a Session 0 cannot be overstated. It is a crucial step in creating a fun and engaging game that is enjoyable for everyone involved. It helps ensure that everyone is on the same page, which can prevent conflicts and misunderstandings from arising later in the game.

Overall, a Session 0 is an essential component of any successful D&D campaign and helps ensure that everyone is excited and invested in the story.

- Luke